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Posted by Chokri Omri شكري عمري on June 15, 2010 at 8:35 PM

Is it by possibility true that we are only prepared to see what is before us? Is it by possibility true that we are only obliged not to see what is not before us? Just make it up and try to help it out for nobody seems to be offering some very original things. Open up the way for your self to live differently. Open up the way for your self to evaluate differently. But most of all, open up the way for your self to think differently. It is my conviction that each one of us has in himself the capacity for jarring with whatever is imposed. Each one of us has in himself the capacity for standing against the trivial. Nothing valuable has ever been forced to come into being without some proper understandindg of life. Just figure it out. Nothing of importance is to come out of what is trivial.

Many things, i firmly believe, are going so badly these days. What do we do when they are affecting our lives so unnecessarily? What do we do when they are compelling us to accept and never reject? Silence. Let us remain silent today for maybe things will change in the future. They will change. I do assure you they will change.


I always say to my self that nothing further needs to be said when nobody is looking for a way out of this sort of death in life. But then, one feels that to say is better than not to say. To say things regardless to whether or not they are relevant is not a good idea. Only when one starts to recognise the fact that judging things is not after all up to us we who are in the midst of life. Nobody knows what is relevant or irrelevant since everything appears indeed to be turning to its reverse. Let it be conceded then, that nothing is to be obtained out of our atavistic ways of dealing with things. e.e.cummings, a highly portencious and wonderful poet, brings it to the fore this way:


When man determined to destroy

Himself he picked the was

Of shall and finding only why

Smashed it into because.


Whoever wants to live differently must learn to think but also evaluate differently. Life is bestowing a whole multitude of possibilities. To linger over the past will bring nothing positive with it. Go and ask Historians what good is to come out of our moralization of the past. Make sure to ask them also what good is to come out of our trivialization of the past. The past is passed and it is there to remind us not to believe in atavism. It is there to provide before us the glorious as well as the injurious deeds of our ancestors. What about our selves? We have the present as well as the future. Only when one starts to recognize the fact that our ancestors’s future is our present. They seem to have never thought about it. This is why they seem to have never prepared for it. Was it my grand father who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden? Atavism, atavism, let us rely on Atavism. It is all we need in order to think about and prepare for the future.

Was it my grand father, one cannot but try to ask, who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden? This is the question that always remains to be asked and to which my answer will be part of the question our posterity will undoubtedly put. One ought never to blame our ancestors. One, rather, should admonish himself for wanting to be something similar to them. It is accordingly essential to us to open our eyes to the fact that we have to start anew without fear or submission. It is now our turn to learn how to stand upon our own feet without being shown how to live or what to feel or not to feel. This earth belongs to us. It belongs to us and i do not think that it will be availed and do to simply wait and see whether things are going to happen or not. Whoever wants to fight for his freedom must start out at once by setting himself free from all the shackles he comes into close contact with. Let us make sure we do not end up by becoming slaves of the past. We are to be free and then build up for the future for it is the only thing that is elaborately set before us as a way out of oblivion. It is, i must say, the struggle of life against death. It is the struggle of memory against forgetting. It is the struggle of truth against illusion.




I believe that something is wanting in this life that we take to be ours. What is wanting is our awareness of the future. We have to do everything our selves if we want to know anything about this future. We have a lot to do for the sake of our future. There is no need to give up the struggle from the start. We are too young to start giving up. We are too young, i must say again, to start giving up. Since when, let us put it in simple terms, do real people wait for the unknown to be known? Since when do they even wait for their adversaries to demonstrate their superiority over them? Real people never allow themselves to be inslaved no matter how hard this task appears to be. They never give up or give in. They never make the mistake of believing that silence will do when they know they are being threatened. They take life as a battle in which they are to prove their existence. They have to fight for their dignity. They will fight for their integrity. They never abstain from paving the way for a glorious future that will bring pride and happiness. But does any one care for these things nowadays? Does any one think about these things nowadays?


The worthy thing about me is that i can obey and it should be the same for you as it is for me. This is what Kant proclaimed in the end. He wanted us to learn how to spend a whole life of bending and servitude. Dickens, to make it even worse, would point out to something utterly strange and out of sense but sentimental like himself when he said that many of us had to hold at the back where we meditate on a misspent life. To return to Kant, it is not clear that by following human beings one is to come across worthy things. However, to obey our creator is certainly the most important thing one is to grasp in this universe. Never, my goodness just listen to me this time and leave Kant for later, NEVER THINK that just because they succeeded (which implies that they failed) in making if not helping us look at spiritual things in a trivial way that we will be extremely kind and believe in their empty words that will never go up to heaven but rather descend very quickly to hell. NEVER THINK that just because they succeeded (which again implies that they failed) in fooling us by their extreme seriousness and accuracy (it is on the contrary) to the extent that they are telling us to stop dreaming and yearning and asking God to show us the right path because for them God does not exist and when they see their mistakes they tell us that after all no body told us to believe them or follow them and adopt their ways of death not life. Oh people, the Godless are the dull and the Dull are the damned. This is e.e.cummings attempting to give an answer to this all. We will see shortly after cummings what Ronsard would say in French. Let us be patient and set aside impatience patiently. The Godless, most fundamentally, are the dull and the Dull are the damned. But how are we to explain this and account for it given the fact that the very juncture of history at which we are living is one that can at best be described by the Godless? What difference can there be between the Godless who are dull and those who pretend to cleave to God who are the dullest after all? They are the damned any way.


It would be negligent on my part if I did not attempt to clarify this statement adopted by cummings and which, to do justice to him before anything else, he addresses and restricts to the scientists only. These scientists think they are doing the best of jobs for the sake of humanity by providing some solutions based on scientific scrutiny which culminate only in dissolution. They care no more for the works of the heart and accordingly they lost faith in God and they generate dull solutions just as empty as they are. Had they conferred a studious attention on and catered much for the works of the heart (love and faith), they would not have opted only for the works of the mind (amorality and atheism) which lead only to destruction and devastation. Had they set up, to be more precise, their minds and hearts on the same arena of expectation (the preservation of earth and the well being of humanity), they would not have left vast room for weapons of destruction to the extent that they are now in perfect position to destroy six terrestrial globes of the same size of our own whose safety and retention had long been recommended by God. After all, Faulkner said in light in August, there must be some things for which God cannot be accused by man and held responsible.

The earth in which we are existing rather than living is running to its own demolition and destruction thanks to these scientists who not only possessed science but also power of influence and decision. They tell us accordingly that they do not believe in God because we have science which will save us (by being lost of course). The works of the mind are to be held responsible for division not unity. The mind, Gary lane rightly said, sees difference not unity, it divides. The works of the heart, however, are perfectly capable of unifying people into one group together living under the sun because they love one another and take better care of one another. They will not remain in the shade or in darkness no matter how blinding and obscurantist are the ways and ploys the godless will follow and make use of like fiends who have got no friends except fiends like themselves and they are not friends to one another. They are not even friends to one another. Ils se surveillent mutuellement et n’ont pas trop confiance les uns dans les autres. Comment peut-on compter sur eux par voie de conséquence? Comment peut-on faire confiance en eux quand ils n’ont pas mème trop confiance les uns dans les autres? C’est pas à eux, je veux que cela soit claire, que je dois ma taille. Ils sont comme des araignées à l’affut. Je n’ai rien de commun avec eux. Nous n’avons rien de commun avec eux. Ils n’ont plus le droit de sentir, de s’aimer et de penser aux autres. Et ce que nous voulons également; Ceux-là n’ont pas le droit de le vouloir. Love, let us elucidate rather than obscure, Herein is love, not that we love with our fleshly appetites and dumb instincts, for it is anything but love. Herein is love, not that we love but because we derive it from God because God loved us and sent us his signs from the skies to be seen and to be taken for wonder. Heavenly love and devine justice will keep us, I merely say and feel deep in my heart, alive and always up to confront those fiends who are dull and damned as cummings maintained. Heavenly love, a blind man who saw things better than we did once proclaimed, shall outdo hellish hate. As for our human love and justice, it is not difficult to grasp the harm they have done not only to humanity but also to the other species and mother nature. It is not love that which gives some people the right to kill their fellow brothers who have been doing nothing but defending themselves against oppression. It is not justice that which allows the rich to keep everything of value for themselves and leave the poor starving and capable of no more than providing the food of their days in misery and sometimes they gain them with shame. It is not love that which makes some people take advantage of others while knowing but also feeling deep in the recesses of their hearts that their power and authority over them is unjustified and without reason. It is not justice that which tells them to wear masks and have their faces defaced and deceive others with beautiful words which will prove empty in the end. This is perhaps why cummings makes it clear that laws themselves are nothing but lies. Laws are nothing but lies because not all people are abided by them and this is human justice. This is perhaps also why cummings lays it bare the fact that science never did care for what is alive and this is human love. Love will not save people until it is derived from God not this strange thing people are very fond of calling love that which is triggered by fleshly appetites. It is not love, for instance, to lose faith in God because of a man or a woman who is selfish and refuses to share or even respect the feelings of others in return. Love is divine not to be caught by empty words formulated by the devil or weak souls who think that the truth will not see the light one day. Shall we refrain then from the truth because some people are hiding it? This is also why cummings, a highly insightful poet, says that he who is a seeker of truth must follow no path because all paths lead(s) where truth is here. According to him, truth is not an absolute concept that does not change with the time. It is rather a purely relative one that keeps altering all the time. Shall we then refrain from investing the effort of seeking the truth and instead content our selves with accepting misery and oppression as a fate or as what many wise people call Elmaktoub and become in the end very sentimental about it with heated emotions and acting like those many pure and rich priests? They will tell us it is the truth and we should therefore believe in it and no longer believe in scientists. They are similar to one another and they will necessarily share the same fate. Should we follow them then and then be affected by them? No, one thousand noes. Kant, I do not really know from where he got it, is telling us that the worthy thing about him is that he obeys his superiors (the king and the Queen in his age not to mention ministers and princes and priests and criminals who just got power over him and them we do not know let alone understand how) and that it should be the same for us as it was for him. But why so long as questioning is still permitted? Dickens was weary and tired from the very start. This is probably due to his excessive sentimentality which prevents him from making the necessary effort in order to rise up from below. He is telling us thus to hold at the back and start contemplating our misspent lives. He is perhaps right in having said that but what is right for him is not necessarily so for us. He is probably inviting us to be writers and leave the earth continue its agony and be blemished and destroyed. He does not seem to know that no body then would find time to read and concentrate on his sentimentality. L’homme n’est point fait pour méditer, Rousseau would respond, il est fait pour agir. Hear ye ! The Godless are the dull and the Dull are the damned. There are no real things only copied and faked images of them on earth. Another yet insightful philosopher wants now to take a share in this conversation. Should we allow him to enjoy it or close the doors in front of him? Let us listen to him before closing the doors or believing his words but not now. If cummings, by way of specificity required by his vrese, narrowed this statement down to the scientists only, I am to open the way for it once again and extend it not only to scientists but rather to those who are godless in general. Not all scientists are godless in order to be fair. But where are they those scientists cleaving to God? So they are dull any way if not damned even so as to let the earth this way and not only its inhabitants. Those who are godless, in one word, are so because they have lost faith in God and therefore have lost faith in themselves. Ils sont, pour cummings, des hommes stériles. C’est pourquoi ils manquent de foi. Ils sont la réfutations ambulantes de la foi; indignes de croire. Que peut notre simplicité contre leur complexité ? They are dull on account of their superficiality and paucity of depth so as to restrict themselves to objects and experiments in our empirical world claiming that what is out of sight is also out of mind. They forgot about the universe and how it was created without their help or nagging. For them, out of sight is out of mind. But wait, please, have they seen their minds in order to believe in them? No, they will not hear of it. Out of sight is out of mind. Here only science will matter. They hate empty talk. Have they finished exploring the whole universe so as to decide for us we that we will never be poor when we stop following them? What place does this earth occupy in the never ending Cosmos? Have they reached the stars and succeeded in counting them? Have they reached the stars many simple villagers still know how to walk in the desert at night being guided by them (the stars)? Have they contemplated the skies with studious scrutiny as they say and then have come to the happiest finding that God does not exist? Who am I to ask them? They will tell me. I am not down to earth as they are thanks to their science. No wonder, before I forget, they contributed with their science in building the seven skies and prevented them with their science again from falling down upon their empty heads. They are constantly asking us to mind our trivial business because they have their own of which we possess no knowledge. This is perfect. We should not interfere in their business. We should instead turn to Ronsard and listen to his French words (they are empty for scientists, I mean the godless, God bless them). They should not then mind our business. We will listen to his words and marvel at them despite their teeth. Here are the words:


… Alors que Vesper vient embrunir nos yeux,

Tout épris d’avenir, je contemple les cieux,

En qui Dieu nous escrit, par notes non obscures,

Les sorts et les destins de toutes créatures.

Car lui, du fond des cieux regardant un humain,

Parfois mu’ de pitié, lui montre le chemin ;

Par les astres du ciel qui sont les caractères,

Les choses nous prédit et bonnes et contraires ;

Mais les hommes chargés de terre et de trépas,

Méprisent tel écrit, et ne le lisent pas.


They are down to earth and what is more they are speaking too much these days. They never want to listen because they will not understand any way and this is quite natural. They do not believe in words because language and composition is never innocent. This is basically why folks are starting to lose faith in words let alone to take the slightest interest in reading them. But no body is prompting them to read words. Why shouldn’t they read the skies and wonder at their calm and stillness. They are so still and calm and when they cry they provide us with fresh water. It must be neeeeeded for regeneration and purification. The skies, let us look at them for once and forget one minute about being down to earth. Why are they so calm and still? What makes them so calm and still? Is it science? These skies, I will say in words which will not be understood, are constantly sending signs to be taken for wonder to use the words of Homi Bhabha. They are transmitting signs always to be taken for wonder why are we determined to be so bad as not to lose a few minutes (it is our gain not loss) of sleeping and wake up late at night in order to wonder at those signs? They are transmitting signs we should wake up late at night (it does not matter if we wake up and feel disgruntled at having been awakened this hour provided that we keep awake till the early morning and look then at the sun and how it is rising from the orient never once from besides) and wake up and forget about our endless nights because we have woken up and we will lead, without waiting to be praised, the sluice of water into the garden in the icy morning and enjoy the sweet songs of birds and nightingales they have woken up so early before us why are we of the insatiable desire to catch them and have them imprisoned in cages they will continue singing any way because it is not their mistakes to have been caught so unfairly by humans who are sleeping all the time and even when they are awake many of them will wonder like one of Beckett’s characters he wonders if he might not be still asleep) and then say it is so cold at night why can’t we provide some woods (sacred woods) and build our fire it will be so warm why should we allow our selves to perish in cold and darkness? The skies are so still and calm and they are there to remind us of how is it and how come that they are so calm and still and that the words of many men are so empty we had better try not to understand them and direct up our eyes towards the skies and say in the words of Friedrich Holderlin: We understand the stillness of the skies but never the words of men. We understand the stillness of the skies but never the words of men their words are no longer to be read because they are empty. Et lorsque la vie, pour ainsi ajouter au surplus, et lorsque la vie n’est plus que peine et lorsque la vie n’est plus que peine, tout le monde doit-t-il lever les yeux et de dire a haute voix pour une seule fois dans cette vie: Dieu, tu es le patron et l’arbitre et le maitre à bord. Dieu, tu es le dieu de rectangle, tu te penche sur nous les hommes et les femmes d’un air autoritaire. Dieu, tu te trompes jamais. Mais image ou pas, photo ou pas, c’est toi le patron, l’arbitre. Dieu, nous voulons également etre. Dieu, nous voulons également etre juste pour une seule fois dans cette vie en ce présent hautement décevant et dans ces circonstances fort déplaisantes. Dieu, nous voulons également etre. Nous ne voulons jamais tuer et tormenter les autres après avoir trouvé un pretext portant ton nom. Dieu, nous voulons également etre et nous croyons en toi, sauve nous car il y a assez mal sur cette terre ??? Dieu, tu es le patron, ici il y a assez mal sur cette terre, y a-t-il une autre terre car ici on est privé de tout ?? Dieu, nous ne voulons pas mourir de cette manière. Nous voulons vivre et faire la vie pour pouvoir ainsi dire les mots et les choses. Nous ne voulons pas un dictionnaire autre que le tien pour pouvoir parler entre nous. Nous faisons la vie, dieu, pour pouvoir lever les yeux et dire des mots qui ne sont pas vides et insignifiants. Nous croyons en toi, nous faisons la vie, nous levons nos yeux, nous disons les mots : Ici, sur la surface de cette terre natale, on est privés de tout à cause de nous même pas à cause de toi car tu es le patron et nous voulons que tu sois l’arbitre. Sans toi, dieu, nous sommes rien comme ça sinon cendre et poussière. Dieu, the cycles of Heaven in twenty ( twenty one i must say) centuries bring us farther from you God and nearer to the dust. The cycles of Heaven in twenty one centuries bring us farther from you God and nearer to the dust. Many of them have lost faith because of their shameful deeds (wars, massacres, murders, kidnappings, oppressions, unbridled lusts, pragmatism,…and by way of accordance and logic have lost faith in Heaven.


So becoming never being. Human becomings rather than beings who do not know what end they are coming to. Ce qui est vrai doit advenir un jour. On traine aux petits bassins et ainsi on regresse. Ce qui est vrai doit advenir un jour, mais faudrait d’abord arreter de croire qu’on peut tous vivre par la science non plus par la science et la foi en mème temps. Ce qui est vrai doit advenir un jour. Nul de nous ne sait ce qui lui arrive après avoir choisi la division et la séparation. Nul de nous ne sait ce qui lui arrive après avoir perdu la foi à cause de la science qui n’a rien à voir avec la mort (cette region inexplorée, d’où nul voyageur ne revient, ne troublait la volonté, et ne nous faisait supporter les maux que nous avons par peur de nous lancer dans ceux que nous ne connaissons pas.). La mort est une repture et pourtant ce qui est vrai doit advenir un jour. Le temps est assez long mais le vrai advient. Le temps est long par l’ennui et le chagrin. C’est le temps quotidien. Le temps des cimes doit etre long par essence. Nous sommes victimes du temps quotidien qui reste fermé à tous ceux qui sont malheureusement saisis par l’ennui et le chagrin et donc ne soupçonnent mème pas combien ils sont eux-mèmes ennuyeux. Le temps des cimes est long par essence, car la préparation du vrai qui doit advenir un jour ne se fait pas en une nuit, mais exige bien des vies humaines et même des « générations ». Ce temps des cimes fait « un jour » advenir le vrai et non pas le temps quotidien. La révélation de l’etre ( celle du Dieu qui n’est pas mort pour ceux qui sont pas saisis par le temps quotidien mais par le temps des cimes).


What about their hearts? I continue to ask my self waiting for no ready made answers. What about their hearts those scientists who say with no shame that what is out of sight is also out of mind? Have they seen their minds? What is out of heart is what then if I may be permitted to ask? They are, according to cummings, necessarily damned because of their incapacity for redemption or even looking beyond their times. Redemption will not come about from ex-nihilo. Redemption comes from God through his heavenly love. Heavenly love, we go back to the Tiresian poet, shall outdo hellish hate, giving to death, and dying to redeem, so dearly to redeem what hellish so easily destroyed, and still destroys in those who, when they may, accept no grace. Redemption comes from the heart just like courage. Since they were determined to make up their minds as they say and shut the doors of their hearts, they have become in no position whatever to think about love and faith let alone to feel them truly and then derive courage and temperance out of them. The source of courage is locatable within the heart not within the mind if they read their own selves before reading me or cummings. For this, cummings writes:


Hide, poor dishonored mind

Who thought your self so wise;

And much could understand

Concerning no and yes;

If they have become the same

It is time you unbecame.


But this, besides, must not be allowed to go, I suggest, and fade away in the air and flow down the wind like their empty words never once charged with love only with malice and pursuit of money. Hey you, haven’t you heard that time is money? No, I haven’t yet and I think I am not ready to bring my self into hearing it so long as it is no more than a succession of words put in a question never put into question. They never fail to ask questions but always fail to make the value of them be kept and retained in their minds not to speak of their hearts. They keep clinging to words and phrases and clichés without taking one single step further. It is as though they were expecting themselves to be praised and valorized for the mere uttering of them. They are to be told to go to paradise if they can with their empty words. They will go down to the reverse of it instead in case they keep contradicting themselves and then blame it for the destiny or Elmaktoub as they say. It is so strange a thing that never once have I failed to notice that they are so kind the poor. I had never asked my self why or tried to decipher the mystery of it until I met the verse of e.e.cummings.

e.e.cummings is not an ordinary poet feeding upon the formation of language and barren formalism. He is an original poet surrendering no jot of his conviction that language, be it prose or poetic, is not just a game to be played following some rules we do not really know who set them for us in order to be cheated and deceived. Language is for cummings a man made product and it is not always necessary to go on believing that it is a natural given gift bestowed on us by divine providence. And even if it so (and I my self am in awful agreement with cummings in this respect) language should not be trusted especially when we are told to use it in an innocent way. People never once knew how to take better care of it and deploy it innocently. On receiving it, they started at once prevaricating and telling lies about it and about themselves until they have become professionals in such fields and desciplines as linguistics, literature and history. Having reached this point, they changed their strategies and tactics and took to warning people against using language innocently because for them language might after all be an ideological tool. This is why, I believe, cummings felt sick and soon got tired of them and their rules opting instead for a different language of his own. His verse, to prove this, went in no comformity with the general standards of syntax and nevertheless content and meaning continued to arise out of it more brightly than ever before. This is of course not to reason upon it so strongly, cummings wanted to grow up to be just himself. He says: … I feel that I cleverly am being altered that I slightly am becoming something a little different, in fact my self.

This is not at all the kind of thing many men of letters and power because of letters would set aside in impatience refusing to believe that cummings never asked for no more than to stop believing in their dominions and rules and laws which only led to crimes and human atrocities. Animals, because they are deprived of language, never caused crimes to be committed for the sake of empty words never culled from the heart but only from the mind which they do not have and they are safe and doing very well. Animals, pet and wild, are not pretending to be humans though sometimes humans are pretending to be anything but humans. Animals will very often react maliciously or not maliciously, violently or not violently, savagely or not savagely when they see death coming around. Humans, humans, God bless them, kill themselves by hundreds day after day and then they return back very kind and pretend to be innocent and say after all they could not have done better than that.

It is not highly problematic to accept neology and coinage so that then instead of having our selves under the name of mankind let us have them with cummings under the name of manunkind. It would, I feel and think, be better, wouldn’t it?


Seeker of truth

Follow no path

All paths leads where

Truth is here.


Just try to step out of the way if you want to go on living. They would tell you each time you wanted to be involved in the process of life. Step out of the way. Clever people are in accordance with them those who always keep out of the way. According to me, clever people are those who never step out of the way. They are those who confront things with a view of coping with them before it is too late. Clever people are those who are never indifferent. They are those who take responsibility for their lives. They do not blame it for the destiny. They constantly trust themselves without waiting to be told what to do and what to avoid. The moment they step out of the way, they cease to be clever. This is what i say.

When i think about the reasons behind this all embracing futility informing our lives, i immediately find my self plunged into a kind of dwelling which is strange through and through. This all encompassing aimlessness is, i am of a firm and strong belief, the result of human sterility and incapacity for action. It is the outcome of human stagnation and inertia. Each one fixed his eyes before his feet and no attention, no awareness, no point of reference has been assigned to the future. Our lives are measured by the material as well as the sensual but never by the spiritual. There is this painful paucity of any guiding moral principles. There is this utterly disappointing absence from our lives of any spiritual values. There is no need then, to doubt the fact that we are living in an overwhelming desolation. People have become incessantly curious to know everything except what is worth knowing. They know the price of everything but the value of nothing. They are impatiently longing for possessing what is ephemeral. They are ready to invest every effort for the sake of pleasure.


What if we take love? Do people love one another? Perhaps they were right in putting love into books. Faulkner proclaimed somewhere. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else. Do they believe in lofty and noble feelings? La vie se presse dans les coeurs. C’est certain. L’amour fait oublier tout ce qui n’est pas divin comme lui, et l’on vit plus en quelques instants que pendant de longues periods. Mais ou’ est, pour l’amour de Dieu, ou’ est l’amour ? There are only some big words in their mouths. It is increasingly clear that there is only futility and faked emotions. We live in an age of futility when what is essential is made trivial and what is trivial is made essential. We are living in an age, one of them made it this way for some reason, where all the unnecessary things are our only necessities. Nothing seems to be in its place. Everything is at sea. Everything seems to be going through the wrong way. Everything is going badly everywhere. Then, this entire world will swim away from me in a mist.


Chokri Omri


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